The Show

Ska music.  A new sound.  A musical revolution.  A new creation of history changing Jamaica and the world forever.  Set in the 1960’s this captivating dance-theatre production takes you on journey through the island’s new-found musical voice of freedom.  Honoring the likes of Prince Buster, Millie Small, The Skatalites, and The Wailers, this unique show celebrates hope, liberation, and unity.

54-46 Was My Number

The cast dancing to 54-46 Was My Number. Photo by Omer Yukseker.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the show tomorrow night March 13,2013. Can already feel that it is going to be fantastic and jumping. Way to go JFD. Super again, and I have not even seen it as yet.

  2. Hello,
    I am still salivating over the performance of the dancers on this show lastnite.
    I have to make one more observation. I have seen several shows over the years,not including Broadway, and I must give the producers/choreographers, Natasha Powell and Jasmyn Fyffe much much praise for delivering the smoothest of transition between sets. Some of the bigger productions that I have seen have demonstrated some flaws in this area. But Gimme One Riddim did not have any flaws moving from one scene to the next.

    This says a lot about the entire production. Well done, and obviously well thought out. This is not luck. This is very hard work and deliberate planning coming to life right before our eyes. Improving by leaps and bounds.

    Bigger things are coming. BIGGER THINGS ARE COMING.
    Thanks for inviting me.
    Jim Gibbons

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