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  1. Ok, I have a million tributes to make about the opening show Wed,March 13,2013. I may seem somewhat bias, but in fact I am being completely objective here. This show is fantastico(if this is a word). These two Choroeographers have outdone themselves. Each show that I have seen so far carrying the label Jasmyn Fyffe Dance has been better that the one before. I am so impressed that I felt like this was being performed on a bigger stage (ala Broadway)(Toronto Centre for the Arts). I can feel it happening very soon.

    The entire show has merit, but for me the special attraction came in the acapella rendition of Jimmy Cliff’s “The Harder they Come” by the beautiful,exotic and flawless ladies,Trudy Lee Gayle and Jasmyn Fyffe and the dashing fellow Hollywood Jade. This was priceless.

    My second favourite act was The Skatalites “Freedom Sounds”. These young men really “bring it”. What can I say. I was told that I was really going to like this show. But that statement is mild compared to how I feel (present) about this show.

    Personally, If I was a broadway producer and saw this show, it would be a must for that stage.

    I was sitting right behind the stunningly beautiful Natasha Powell and I am sure that she would have heard loud screams of appreciation on a very consistent basis coming from me.

    Keep this up folks,giving those young men the spotlight, I would say was extraordinarily special.
    I am not a dance performance critic, but I cannot see anything but rave reviews coming from this show when/if the critics have to comment.

    Just fabulous–fabulous
    Jim Gibbons

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