Andre Thomas

AndreThomasPicAs a second generation musician, Andre Thomas is a bass guitarist who continuously shares his talents. Born in North York, Ontario, Andre credits his grandfather Sylvester Thomas “Syl Tom” with inspring him to play music. His grandfather played the saxophone and bass guitar in his home country of Trinidad and Tobago.

In his teens, Andre began playing the saxophone, piano and the drums. It was later in life that he discovered his genuine love of playing the bass guitar. Since 2008 he began to play for many church functions, weddings, celebrations and events within Canada, United States and Trinidad and Tobago.

Five years later, Andre continues to make strides by working with several artists on stage performances and studio albums. Currently he is working on an album with Seattle based band Hebruz. This is also Andre’s first theatrical production and he is estatic to be apart of the cast of Gimme One Riddim. Andre states that “playing the bass guitar is my way of giving back and bringing joy into the lives of others.”

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