Esie Mensah

esie mensahEsie Mensah is one of the top professional dancers and choreographers in North America. Her immense talent and larger then life stage presence and personality have captivated audiences around the world. She continues to be one of the most sought after dancers in the industry and has built an extensive resume that includes appearances in Coca Cola’s “Freestyle” commercial, Walt Disney film “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” and Shawn Desman’s movie Alive. Esie has danced with industry icons such as Jannelle Monae (MAC Fashion Cares), Nelly Furtado (Spirit Indestructible Tour), Flo Rida (MMVAs), Jully Black, Deborah Cox, Anjulie and Cascada.

She competed on SYTYCD Canada and debuted her AfroHouse choreography on season four! She recently choreographed for SYTYCDC Canada judge Blake McGrath’s new music video “Heaven”. She has performed on stage with the hit South African musical Umoja and spent 6 months in China performing on live television with recording artists across the country. In 2012 she partnered with World Vision Canada and choreographed a youth musical called “The Other Side of the River” a story about the economic imbalances in our society. Esie is the co-choreographer of “Artists in Motion”, a fan favorite of “Urbanesque” and traditional African company “Lua Shayenne and Co.”

Esie believes in the importance of staying true to oneself and living your own dream on your own terms and finding happiness in smallest parts of the journey.

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