Liana Lewis

Liana-Lewis-1Liana is a Canadian performer, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and is the youngest of three children. Her passion for the arts began at the age of three when she was enrolled in piano lessons. She began her music training with the well-established non-profit organization The Suzuki Talent Education Society in Calgary. The Suzuki method not only teaches music but is known to help character development such as perseverance, patience, respect for others, teamwork and honest self-evaluation. Through this training and music Liana’s passion for movement was inspired. By age six, she began studying Jazz at Premiere Dance Academy and was soon after training in Ballet (RAD), Tap and Modern excelling in regional competitions. Not only did Liana have a knack for dancing but she loved to sing and act as well. After graduating from High School Liana moved to Toronto in hopes of pursing a career as a Triple Threat Performer. This led her to audition for the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, where she completed her two-year program in Acting, Singing and Dance. Since her move she has worked with some of Toronto’s most noted choreographers and has had the opportunity to perform nation wide.

Some past credits include Tituba in “The Crucible”, “Bye Bye Birdie”, Bonjay’s first video “Stumble”, her choreography can be seen in More of Les “Pop n Chips” video, the Dubai Shopping Festival, Love Letters Cabaret “The Bacchanal” and “The Naughty Nutcracker.”

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